Blacky’s BnB Day Care/Overnight dog Boarding Disclaimer and Vet Waiver

Blacky’s BnB agrees to provide various services to you subject to the following Terms of Service. When using our services, you will be bound by any regulations, guidelines or rules applicable to such services, explained prior to commencement and/or incorporated by reference into this agreement. References to “dog” includes all dogs registered for our services at the same time.


You understand and accept that Blacky’s BnB is not responsible for loss, damage, or destruction of any items left with your dog. If you remove your dog from the premises (for a walk, playtime, appointment, etc.) during the dog’s stay at our facility you will be solely responsible for the care of your dog while he/she is in your possession.

  1. Blacky’s BnB reserves the right to refuse admittance to any dog and/or dismiss any dog that does not meet or maintain the health, temperament or other day care/boarding standards. This determination shall be made at the sole discretion of Blacky’s BnB.

  2. Unless you inform us otherwise, Blacky’s BnB may exercise and/or walk your dog with other dogs that have been matched for temperament and compatibility.

  3. Your dog may be separated from other dogs, at the discretion of Blacky’s BnB, if it is deemed to be in the best interests of the dogs.

  4. By using our services, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.



  1. That your dog has been treated prior to boarding for worms, ticks and fleas (can be provided by us if required, charges will be added to the end bill of the stay).

  2. A vaccination certificate has been presented to Blacky’s BnB management (copy on whatsapp is sufficient).

  3. That you understand Blacky’s BnB has relied on your representation that your dog is in good health at the time of check-in an. Please disclose any known health concerns or allergies prior to drop off including diarrhea or any other sickness

  4. To your knowledge your dog has not been exposed to any contagious diseases within a 30-day period prior to check-in for boarding.

  5. If your dog becomes ill or injured, or if Blacky’s BnB believes the state of their health requires professional attention, we will, in a non-emergency situation, attempt to contact and inform you prior to seeking medical attention. If no contact can be made, or in an emergency situation, you consent to Blacky’s BnB, at its sole discretion, enlisting the services either of your vet or Dr. Lohitha from Bangalore Pet hospital for treatment. All expenses incurred from this treatment will be the sole responsibility of the owner.

  6. Blacky’s BnB and its employees exercise reasonable care for dogs under our supervision. You agree and accept the potential risks associated with your dog participating in interactive day care or group activities. You agree to be solely and financially responsible for any and all of your dog’s behavior while it is in our care. This includes, but is not limited to, damages or injury to the dog itself, other dogs, a staff member or any damages to the facility caused by your dog, unless incurred as a direct result of gross negligence on the part of Blacky’s BnB or its staff members.


You acknowledge and accept that your registration for any of our boarding services will not be complete until 50 % of payment has been made, which is required at point of booking. If you fail to make the payment on or before the commencement of day care/boarding, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. Any bookings you cancel within 24hours are transferable to other dates but are non-refundable. In the unlikely event that Blacky’s BnB needs to cancel any day care/boarding then this will be discussed with you and the balance of any fees paid will be refunded.



Drop-off and pick-up times are between 9:00 am – 1:00 pm or 4:00pm to 8:00pm. No visitors are allowed visit the premises between 1 PM and 4 PM. Kindly note that we will be closed for a break between 1 PM and 4 PM. No visitors, Pick-Up, Drop-Off will be encouraged during this time. 

Please be as accurate as possible when confirming your drop-off and pick-up times and where possible do not deviate from these. Special arrangements may be made to collect your dog outside of these times for an additional cost of 100 INR. We have a daily routine for dogs boarded with us and in order to fulfil this routine we need to ensure that staff are available in addition to arranging for a member of staff to be available to receive and return your dog at the time you requested.

If your dog is not picked up by closing time on the date booked, then you hereby authorise overnight boarding appropriate for your dog, and agree that you will be financially responsible for applicable overnight boarding charges plus any charge for required food.

If your dog is not picked up on or before the scheduled pick-up date, you authorize Blacky’s BnB to take whatever action they deem necessary for continued care of your dog. Further, you agree that you will be responsible for the cost of any such continuing care upon demand by Blacky’s BnB.  If you fail to pick up your dog on the agreed date and fail to notify Blacky’s BnB of a change in collection date, Blacky’s BnB will, at its discretion, determine whether the dog has been abandoned. In the case of abandonment, you will be responsible for all legal fees and costs associated with the continuing care of the dog.


You acknowledge and accept that during the provision of any of our services, we may take photographs and/or make audio or other media recordings in which your dog may appear. You consent to us (and any person authorized by us) to copy or reproduce such material (whether by photo, film or other digital, electronic or printed media) as we may in our sole discretion determine, for the purpose of marketing and promoting our services without acknowledgment to you and without entitlement by you to any remuneration or compensation now or in the future. We agree not to use the material in a manner that may be deemed adverse or defamatory to you. We further agree that your personal details (including your name) will not be used in the featured material without your express consent. You acknowledge and accept that during the provision of any of our services we may use appropriate training equipment and methods suitable to promote balanced behaviour with your dog and that your dog will be exercised on/off lead within the Blacky’s BnB premises.



Please note that under normal circumstances we will send you an invoice requesting 50 % of payment when you make your booking. Your booking will not be confirmed until payment has been received and we reserve the right to offer your place to another client should you fail to pay by the due date requested. We also reserve the right to charge part/full payment for bookings that are cancelled at short notice. We always apply fairness and discretion on these occasions wherever possible. Should you choose to drop off or collect your dog(s) later or earlier than you booked, you will be liable for the full cost of the original booking, plus any additional days as applicable. No provisional bookings can be accepted.



You understand and expressly agree that each and every of the foregoing provisions contained above shall be in force and effect and shall apply to each and every occasion on which your dog stays with Blacky’s BnB for day care, boarding, or other services, as the case may be. This Agreement shall remain in full force and effect as between the parties for a period of 6 months unless otherwise cancelled or superseded in writing signed by the parties.

By completing and submitting a day care/boarding application, you confirm that you have read and understand this Disclaimer and Waiver, and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions

Kitty lodge

Our lodge is in private room of our facility, far away from all the dogs and doggie noises. Cats like quiet time to play and rest. Each pet will enjoy playing in our private cat play room equipped with special cat toys and scratching posts! It’s the next best thing to being home with their favorite people!

Your feline will be purring with happiness when they stay with us! 

Cats must be spayed/neutered and free of fleas and FIV. Cats showing signs of fleas will not be admitted. They should be relatively friendly with people, be in good general health and free of disease and pests. An application for cats is required.

Cat Boarding Disclaimer:

Any cat acting in an aggressive manner will not be let out of their condo unless the behaviour diminishes during boarding. We take the safety of the pets and our employees very seriously and will not put either in danger of getting hurt, scratched, bitten, or any other injuries cause by an animal showing aggressive behaviour. We will always do what is best for your cat during boarding and they will receive exceptional care while staying in their lodge.