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Travelling Cat Chronicles

Event 1: Clear blue sky as we started our cruise to pick up Simba and Eva. The plan was to take them to the vet for the blood sampling and to drop them back immediately while I would wait for the samples to get ready. Well, the rainy season is unpredictable and the clouds decided to give us a nice demonstration of heavy showers. The result: jammed and flooded roads. Driver Ram though handled the situation well and drove through the mess like a pro. The whole episode took us more than 4 hours and all the other appointments literally went down the drain.

Event 2: Our samples were rejected by German customs. Never happened before but haven't I mentioned the Word "Unpredictable" before? Exactly, not only the weather is uncertain, Life itself is as well. But the worst part was, That we were running out of time. We had only a few days left to sort out all the paperwork for their relocation and the titer test was one of the most important ones. The trip to the vet was repeated but luckily we stayed safe from heavy rains. Nevertheless, Simba thought to entertain us in the car. He surprisingly sneaked out of his crate and became Ram's co-driver. He remained seated on Ram's lap and enjoyed his ride back home. Both of them are super friendly and it was lovely to spend time with them.

Event 3: The journey to Germany was a smooth one but only after one day, did Simba decide to explore his new territory and took a nice stroll to explore the surroundings. It's no fun and his Pet parents were scared to death. Fortunately, he decided to come back and promised to be a good boy henceforth.

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14. heinäk. 2022

God bless both of them 👌 😊 #thakur


Thank You

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