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The Mia Effect - A memoir by Kavita

Let's start by saying this; I'm very fortunate to have Mia in my life. Looking back to the day I've picked her up from Blacky's BnB, I still remember thinking that she's quite a happy girl. Mia was staying with Blacky's BnB for about 7 months. She was a foster case and has been pushed around too often. Debaleena, who was responsible for her adoption was very clear, that the next home should be the final one. I can absolutely relate to this but was extremely happy to see how well she was taken care of by Kelly and her team. She came to Blacky's BnB as a foster child. It takes time, love and patience to work with a traumatized dog and Mia, as I heard, had a rough time to adjust in the beginning.

My personal experience with regards to adoptions was the time I've found and my 'Patch". She was in a very bad shape but luckily bounced back. Separation anxiety was one of her deepest fear; hence she was clinging onto to me, always looking back whether I really stick around and not abandon her. With time she was confident enough to even walk off leash in my society.

And now I have Mia, who is extremely affectionate, socialized and a lovable dog. She might look confident from the outside but deep inside she still carries lots of insecurities. We don't really know what she's been through but like Patch she's scared that I will leave her alone or even abandon her. Underneath she is very insecure for some trauma she carries. We don't know exactly what she has been through. I know with time she'll get around and knows that I'll stick around.

I really enjoy her presence and can't think of a better companion. Kids in the neighborhood adore her as well, asking me take her out so that they can spend time with her. Mia is already a star in the community!

On a general note, I'd like to point out that it takes a lot of effort and responsibility to care for an animal. It's important to communicate with the potential adopters to make them understand that this isn't just a short term relationship. Lots of pets get abandoned and it takes a very long time for them to recover from their traumatic experiences. Please aware and educate yourself before bringing a pet home.

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