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Rest In Peace, Granny.

The attachment to an animal starts once you give it a name. You care for them like your own pets and you wish that they'll all live a long life! The Indian dog has become my life task, with all its ups and downs, be it happiness or sadness, you gotta accept the whole package when it comes to rescue work.

Granny was part of my package and unfortunately I've lost her. She was precious, like all of them! Drenched in the rain, not able to get up. This is how I've found her. The vet visit wasn't positive but I would never give up easily. But life has its own ways and this time I've lost the game. She's passed away, hopefully peacefully. It's the last second you remember with her, the last kiss on her forehead, whispering in her ears that everything will be fine. I hope for her it is!

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