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She is the one with many identities. The very first encounter with lunar was at a tea shop in varthur. 'she was abandoned', Said the lady who owns the shop. After a few attempts to give her some biscuits, I gave up. Because she royally ignored the offer. Already then I thought she is a picky eater. the next day she wasn't to be found. But only a few days later she was standing in front of the house. Hence, you gain an appreciation for how amazing our canine friends and their noses really are. We've named her "one love" since she knew how to woo people with her charm. She wasn't welcome though by the owner of the school! We don't know the reason, all we knew and witnessed was how this particular person tried to relocate her by dragging her next to his bike, To keep her safe we decided to shift her to the boarding. One Love needed a new identity and she was named Cory. the rest is history. She took early retirement from her eventful life in India and moved to Germany with the help of Blacky's BnB by taking a new name 'lunar". The name was given by her new Family.

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