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No Name Pupper | Bemer Therapy

Bemer therapy at blakcys bnb

See that little NO NAME pupper in the picture with so much love in her eyes. She wasn't really in that shape when Blacky's took her in from a rescuer. She helplessly lay there, being hit, unable to move, a pain that won't go away. And things changed once she moved to Blacky's, because we don't believe she has to live with it. And now she is our BEMER baby. And that made all the difference. BEMER is a holistic healing therapy introduced in the city exclusively by Blacky's. It uses electromagnetic fields in order to enhance blood flow, improves nutrient supply and waste disposal, increased cardiac function and enhance physical fitness among other health related benefits. What's

more? BEMER medical devices are approved by FDA. Also, we would love for you to benefit out of our services, so read more from here.

What keeps us going? A few sessions and she was howling at the gate last evening ready to go out there and conquer the world. She's a princess growing up to be a queen. So what's in a name? Send in your prayers and also, a name if you like.

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