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It's time for a new adventure.

Blacky's BnB is all about finding the best alternatives to the industry standards. The journey to Germany marks a new beginning towards an alternate route to relocate your pets to the UK.

And the story goes like this: Always, when you expect it the least, the universe comes up with an idea to keep me occupied and happy. It was the call of Pooja, who found me through a friend, who knew that I’m relocating pets across the globe. Pooja didn’t want to send her precious darling Mowgli through cargo, but unfortunately entering the UK means exactly this. Here, we came up with the idea to fly him to Europe and then drive him to the UK.

Yes, of course we wouldn’t have swum across the channel. Long story short, we flew Mowgli to Frankfurt, took the car to Calais and then took the Eurotunnel to Folkestone. Mowgli though wasn’t the only pet who was travelling with me. Snow, a very handsome Golden Retriever was well prepared for his trip to Germany. We’ve tried to send him earlier but due to the Covid situation it was very difficult to find a flight companion. I guess, it was just the right moment for us to take both of them together. Snow’s end destination was Germany, to be precisely Berlin. We’ve arranged a pet cab service (known to me personally since we always seek for the best for our clients) to drive him down to Berlin, where he would finally meet his owner Vikrant, who was super excited to have his dog back.

Overall, it was an amazing trip. I was curious to know how Mowgli will handle the journey in the cabin. Would he bark, cry or would he be extremely scared. But Mowgli was behaving the total opposite. He was sleeping, had his snacks in between and was the sweetest companion I could every wish for. My worry and thoughts were about Snow! Travelling in hold is very stressful for dogs, hence my request to every pet owner, who’s planning to relocate their dogs or cats, it’s very essential to start the crate training early prior to your journey. Snow was amazing and managed the flight like giant hero.

Preparation is the key, if you want your pet to have a less stressful journey. See it through their eyes, not through yours. They have to adjust to new sounds, new smells, to a new environment etc., therefore treat your pet with patience and love.

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