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His Holi Pug

The first time I saw this little pug was in 2014 when she was a puppy and she boarded with Blackys BnB for the very first time. Holi is A bundle of energy and overflowing confidence. She was a very loyal guest at our dog boarding in bangalore and became part of blackys bnb family. Her pet parents are from France and Holi was brought up Bilingual, understanding French and English. But I guess she understood Kannada and Hindi as well, that's how smart she is.

I personally fell in love with her from day one. Reason being, that she's such a vital spark. She spreads happiness and her Aura is exceptional. She's confident enough to put every dog, whether small or big into place if they dare to try to misbehave. She doesn't like conflict, hence goes in between and gracefully takes the lead and asks them to bugger off.

I love her courage, that makes her so beautiful. She's also called "Le petite Grosse" which means " the little tubby one". You can guess Why? Because she's like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to food.

Holi has been through a lot of rainy days in the last year and her family almost lost her twice. She's fought her illnesses like a lioness. She wanted to live and she promised us to go to France and enjoy her walks at the beach.

The family was separated from her for almost 10 months and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions for everyone. Holi's story needs to be out there and all pet parents should get inspired by her journey. When there's a will there's is a way. you have to believe. She's fought 2 big battles and she was determined to get on this flight To France to be reunited with her family. Holi's family never gave up and it's obvious how much they love her.

Our faith can move mountains, don't you agree?

Holi taught us to stay positive, to take up a battle once in a way, and to never give up on Life

As for me, I will carry all of them in my heart forever And I know I will meet them again. Till then Au revoir!

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