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Here's To Our Basanti

I guess you were chosen to stay with us. All special ones end up being part of our family We don't don't know your entire journey

but what we know is enough to made us love you Rescued by wonderful people, who saw you stuck to the ground, unable to walk or crawl. Thank you Dipen, Aditi and others for saving her!

Basanti was paralyzed and pregnant. We wanted to save her and the kittens. Vets said she might not be able to deliver the babies on her own but she did and that was truly a miracle. Mothers are so strong!

Unfortunately they were premature and very weak. We've tried our best but lost all of them. The look on Basanti's face was heartbreaking, she's lost all her babies.

However, we still have Basanti and she's trying hard to walk again. It might take more time and lots of therapy sessions but we're not giving up the fight.

Here's to our Basanti

We adore you and the sweetness on your face gives us happiness and hope.

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