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Good Bye, But Not Forever.

Mojo was one of my first guests at Blacky’s BnB. Back then he was just a puppy. I remember the first time I met him. A bundle of joy, button eyes and an unforgettable smile! Yes, animals do smile.

Mojo is a happy kid, always wagging his tail including his bum when he meets the people he loves most. All his toys have a name and you can be sure that he will pick the right one when you ask him to fetch it for you. And believe me; his basket is full of fluffy toys!

He’s the kind of dog you can walk off leash and he wouldn’t want to leave your side. You call him once and he’ll look back, asks for permission to continue with his walk and loves to search for the perfect stone, which he can carry back home. He loves all sizes and shapes as long as it’s a stone. He loves humans more than dogs but whenever he was in the boarding and met his chosen friends, he had lots of fun to hang out with them. Dublin and Motte are his best buddies, and Dublin’s favorite game is to jump on Mojo’s back with his front legs, hold him tight till Mojo gets irritated and barks him off. Girls loved him, I guess because he was ignoring them most of the time. Maybe a little show off, since Mojo knows he’s quite handsome.

From puppyhood to adulthood, I was part of his journey and every stay was a blessing. It was Mojo’s second home and every moment with him was special. Amit & Shubha, I can’t thank you enough for your loyalty and friendship.

Good- byes are never forever, especially when you love and care for someone so profoundly.

I’ll miss you but I know I’ll see you again one day! Happy journey my sweetheart Mojo

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