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EVERY Morning In Tranquility

Have you passed the #Varthur road anytime during early mornings? You will spot Grampa 2, Whisper, Olive, Chotu, Fox and Fatso (missing in the picture) with Kelly Johnson. She spends EVERY morning in tranquility feeding all her streeties (this is just one pack), wagging their wait, prepping for breakfast. Kelly starts with two hippity hoppity #puppies Jimmy and Jonny (who think they are rabbits), with Charlie and Mama down the road, Gallopy and Happy pack, Audrey with Master and gang, Chaplin, Manson with Metallica followed by two more packs.

Metallica will not stop following her until she's off the road, about to return after feeding all of them because he just wants to spend time with his mama.

You will almost never find him away from her. He gently plonks himself while the others finish their chicken and rice with eyes that hope time froze while mama pats him with love. She does this magic on all of them. It is a sight you won't miss, it's a sight you don't want to miss. The #doggos wagging and marching the streets in happiness. Would you also like to be a part of Breakfast with Kelly? Yes, you could help Kelly reach more out there. Our friends for life sometimes need a vet visit for sterilizing or vaccination. Why so? Their bodies also work quite like ours; sometimes there are germs that bring them down. Or if Gallopy made babies, we may not be able to find a home for her puppies. And every puppy like every human baby deserves a home. We at Blacky's BnB, are working together to help bring dignity to their lives by doing what we can. Kelly is an #inspiration who has been constantly working on making this happen for more than a decade So we welcome you to #support her in any way you wish to. Visit our recently launched web page here and you'll be able to find more information and resources.

Thank you for taking time to read this!

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