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PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field. Bio - Electro - Magnetic - Energy -Regulation [BEMER] is a subtype of PEMF therapy. It uses pulsed electro magnetic waves to stimulate microcirculation of blood including the smallest blood vessels in the body. This can help improving the basic cellular functions such as absorbing nutrients, eliminating wastes, self repair and regeneration. BEMER Therapy is safe for pets, and has been advocated for improving the wound healing and pain reduction. A 2019 clinical study on 53 client owned dogs demonstrated a significant improvement on would scores compared to the group which was not subjected to PEMF.

However it suggests that robust clinical trials are required. Many pet parents who uses BEMER for their animal companions report seeing that they rise more easily, walk or run with out exhibiting any symptoms of pain, faster recovery from an injury and a significant improvement in their mood. PEMF Therapy is most commonly used for faster recovery in spinal cord injuries, arthritis, allergies, aging related issues, fracture, wound healing and circulatory diseases. Book an in home BEMER session and start receiving health benefits from this revolutionary technology.

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