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Blackys BnB Pet Boarding

homestay for your 
furry companion

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Have been boarding our dog with Kelly and team since many years now. In fact after we found Blackys BnB, we haven't boarded her anywhere else.

Rajesh Jagtiani


Kelly Johnson



I would like to explain why I called this website Blacky's BnB and give you an insight into my passion:

Kelly S Johnson is my name, and after rescuing a special dog called, Blacky, I realised the main goal in my life was to rescue and care for stray dogs in, Bangalore, India. Rescuing Blacky gave me the strength and determination to pursue my goal. Blacky became a dear friend, was an amazing dog, and gave me much love in desperate times. Blacky 'The Wonderdog' passed away at the ripe old age of 18 years after eight years of wonderful friendship. I decided to open a boarding facility for domestic dogs and dedicated this to Blacky. His inspiration and strength aided me. So, it was no problem calling the facility; Blacky's Bed and Breakfast.

After arriving in India in 2009, and observing many stray dogs roaming the streets, hungry and mistreated, I decided to take care of many of them by giving food and water along the busy streets of Bangalore. After qualifying as a certified dog behaviorist my ability to understand their natural habits aided me whilst voluntarily working in dog shelters and NGO's as a dog rescuer. Many domestic dog owners share my passion and are willing to work together with me learning about canine behavior patterns that create bonds between owners and their pets. Naturally, my love for all animals, especially dogs, plays a significant role in my life. I would welcome the day when all animals are treated lovingly and correctly; a Utopian ideal. However, every step I take in helping humans and animals 'come together' helps, in my humble opinion, to change people's perspectives and attitudes towards human and animal relationships. A tiny step towards a better and more understanding future. Blacky, my initial inspiration, is always with me in his 'Doggy Heaven' guiding me and helping me to achieve my personal goal. Kelly S Johnson



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